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Course content and objectives


Whether you already have Sei-Ki experience or are a Sei-Ki beginner, this workshop is for you and will enrich your work.

You will be familiarised with the basics of how Sei-Ki fits into the history of Shiatsu and how Sei-Ki views health and touch.

Using exercises (known as kata), Alice will show you how to refine your touch, posture and timing. You will also be introduced to special physical exercises (known as katsugen and gassho-gyoki exercises) to develop your sensitivity and work in a more relaxed way. 


The emphasis in this workshop is on practice, i.e. learning through experience, observation and practice.


Sei-Ki is an inner path. Anyone who is willing to walk this path can learn Sei-Ki.

This intensive workshop will change the way you work. Regardless of how you work today, your bodywork will touch people more deeply afterwards.


  • By the end of the workshop you should be able to practice to a degree, some basic principles of Sei-Ki, such as posture, timing, right touch and right distance.

  • You will learn a basic protocol for practicing Sei-Ki through kata (exercises) and be able to take this into your work in Shiatsu, Sei-Ki or other areas.

  • You will gain a basic understanding of how health and help are understood in Sei-Ki.

  • You will also come away with an appreciation of how Sei-Ki and Shiatsu are related.

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